Monday, April 23, 2018

L'exposition PYP en classe de francais

L'exposition PYP en classe de fran├žais 

In french class we were writing and talking about our SDG in french. SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations is trying to achieve all these goals by 2030. The SDG i'm supporting is number 12 Responsible Consumption and Production. Then we all wrote our SDG, in french as a poster, hears mine.
It says Consumption et Production Responsable.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Response to Grade 5 Concert

Response About the Grade 5 and 4 Concert

    The Grade 5 and 4 concert was a performance about music, we sang and we played our instrument that we practice for almost the whole year. The concert was in the theater, all the band players lined up according to your instrument. I was standing in the back because I was doing percussion. In my opinion the concert was tedious.

     Then all the band people went in a line, the band players got onstage and looked out to the audience, at first I couldn't see my parents. The whole band players played the 3 pieces that we’ve been practicing for the whole year, the first piece was Lightly Row, then Let's Rock, and finally Mickey Mouse March. When I was performing I was nervous but when I was done I was so relieved.

     After playing our 3 loud pieces, we went into Ms Noors room and read the book that we brought, but some people were watching the string play. The first piece they played was Tap Dancer, then So There, and finally Tiptoe  Boo. All the pieces were peaceful. After that some excellent soloist each played a difficult piece.

     Finally, all the 5 graders went on stage to sing 3 song. Hold Back The River, then Imagine Dragons, and last but not least, Have You Ever Seen The Rain. For that song the 4 Graders came in for the chorus. When I came on stage I actually felt excited that the sing part was here, because the singing is the easiest. When Ms Megan released the 5 Graders we rushed out and changed.

      In my opinion the whole concert was very tedious because the show long and for most of the time we were in Ms Noor's room reading a book or watching the string play.

This is a response to Grade 5 and 4 concert. The purpose of this response is to retell and judge.
one thing I did well in my writing was judgement words.
One thing I would change is the topic because my final conclusion is negative.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Snapshot of me

The big difference between 2017 and 2018 is now love reading more than I did at the beginning of the year, and my hair is different. Every thing else is basically the same.

Monday, February 12, 2018

pollution argument

Should kids go to school on a very high pollution day
Or not?

      Pollution is a chemical that is bad for humans. Pollution is mostly made from burning fossil fuels. A lot of schools all around the world have a limit on air pollution. Most schools have a limit because that school is in a country where it rarely goes high, but the schools that don’t close down is because it’s always high on pollution for example India.  Pollution gets so bad that some schools have a limit on how high the AQI is (air quality index) some schools don’t.

          A lot of schools all around the world have a limit on air pollution, but a lot don’t. Kids should not be interrupted by pollution, kids could also not go outside and teachers could put air purifiers so the room isn’t polluted. Also air masks are very good for when pollution is very high.

           Finally in India there is a school called AES (American Embassy School) the air pollution is regularly bad throughout the year, from 200 AQI up to 600 AQI, on normal 100 aqi is  unhealthy. Remember this, at AES we still go to school no matter how high the aqi is, exempt we don’t do recess .

            On the other hand, a lot of schools don’t have school because of high pollution. Pollution is bad for children and schools have so many children. Also pollution can kill people, according to and IEA report, air pollution killed 6.5 million people a year,

           Another thing is, if pollution gets worse every year, definitely so many more people will die every year because pollution is terrible people for who have asthma. Because pollution triggers an asthma attack, and asthma is increasing every year because of overpopulation.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

French Reflection

French Reflection

In this unit,
 I liked to learn about Qui c'est and Qu' est-ce que c'est because at first I didn't understand bu then I understood and we played kahoot.

I can get better at describing objects.

I am good at counting in up to 100.

Let me show you my reflection sheet

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

what never to do in adding fractions and subtracting fractions

never do

The first question on this image is 1/2+1/3=1/5, this is not true because all this person did is add the denominator and not the numerator. Also when your adding fractions never  add both the denominator and the numerator because when you add the denominator you 're changing the whole value.

always do

When you're adding/subtracting fractions always try to change the fraction so the denominator is the same as the other fractions denominator, but make sure the value is still the same. Also make sure the answer feels right, for example if your answer in addition is smaller than a fraction that is being added it's wrong, also with subtraction if the answer is bigger than a fraction that just got subtracted you're wrong.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

government opinion

The government that I prefer only counts for what happened in the class because the government that I choose is anarchy, because all we did was free time, but in real life anarchy is chaos because someone could just sneak up on you and kill you, and not get in trouble!

I didn't like democracy because I didn't like how all the girls were on one party so only girls voted for them, also if we knew gender votes for only girls, boys would be there own party.